Commit 50a3da19 authored by pietrodito's avatar pietrodito
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Arch oriented: install packages for vterm..

parent 76382eec
export mefs_EMACSDIR="$HOME/emacs"
mefs_indent_message () {
echo -e "\033[1;32m#-> $1\033[0m"
mefs_message () {
echo -e "$1\033[0m"
export mefs_THISREPODIR=`pwd`
export mefs_CHEMACSDIR="$mefs_EMACSDIR/chemacs"
export mefs_FLAVORDIR="$mefs_EMACSDIR/flavors"
export mefs_CONFIGDIR="$mefs_EMACSDIR/configs"
export -f mefs_indent_message
export -f mefs_message
# ./
sudo pacman --sync --needed --noconfirm cmake the_silver_searcher emacs
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