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CI: Build and test dx with artifacts

Generate artifacts with dx and all of its dependencies
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image: "coqorg/coq:latest"
build dx and deps:
stage: build
# Dependencies
- eval $(opam env --switch=4.07.1+flambda --set-switch)
- opam update
- opam install --deps-only -b -y .
# Build
- ./configure --cprinterdir=$(opam var lib)/dx --compcertdir=$(opam var coq-compcert:build) --install-compcert-printer
- make
- make install
# Artifacts
- ARTIFACTS=$PWD/dx-and-deps
- mkdir -p $ARTIFACTS
- cd $(opam var lib)
- rsync -rptR coq/user-contrib/Flocq coq/user-contrib/compcert coq/user-contrib/elpi coq/user-contrib/dx dx --exclude=*.v --exclude=coq/user-contrib/elpi/apps/* $ARTIFACTS
- dx-and-deps
# The artifacts are large, expire them soon if the user does not
# ask explicitly to keep them
expire_in: 1 hour
stage: test
- build dx and deps
- eval $(opam env --switch=4.07.1+flambda --set-switch)
- LIB=$(opam var lib)
- rsync -rpt dx-and-deps/* $LIB
- make -C tests CPRINTERDIR=$LIB/dx
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